Boot Camp

This class with challenge your strength, agility, and conditioning with a wide variety of techniques. Using a barbell, dumbbell, sandbag, TRX strap, and so much more, every week will be different!


Join us for a class that is truly flexible! Each week we explore a different style of workout to get you fit and toned. A total body workout, circuit training, cardio, functional strength, bootcamp and more!

Fun Fit

Join Leslie for an hour of high energy cardio and strength. This class will incorporate sandbags, TRX straps, dumbbells, and kettle-bells in a fantastic full body workout! All fitness levels are welcome; come and join the fun!

Power Pilates

This class focuses on functional fitness, targeting core strength, and kinesthetic awareness, leading to improvement in total-body strength through power, focused precision, and movement patterns. It will entail a combination of body control and power movements that will help you progress throughout the session. The variety will help you engage in, and maintain, a balanced training approach and will contribute to your personal success.


Join us for a road cycling or mountain biking trip on our stationary spin bikes. Challenge your cardiovascular endurance, while developing the strength and conditioning of the lower body. Pure, motivating and exhilarating – Motor on!!!


TRX Suspension Training builds total body strength, balance and flexibility for people of all fitness levels. Use your own body weight as resistance to tone and increase your core stability.


With focus on strengthening and conditioning increase your flexibility and balance with the slow stretching movements of yoga.